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Cultural landscape defined by carl sauer, it is the area of earth modified by human habitation. It is generally viewed in contrast to other forms of culture such as folk culture. Why such differences exist and how social customs are related to the cultural landscape. All buildings, not just houses and farm structures, are part of the cultural landscape. Some elements of folk culture might be in the center of local culture and an import part of selfidentity. However, it is a influentail minority that has contributed much to the culture of the malays and their adats i. Why does globalization of popular culture cause problems. The purpose this question is to show differences between folk and popular culture. That is why for so many of its critics its impact on offline culture appears in such a negative light. Folk housing styles are another example of the influence of the physical environment.

Repeated influence, absorption and selection in various ways have added to the. Cuban culture has undergone a major transformation since the revolution, and the government has come to play a leading role in it. The cultural landscape is fashioned from a natural landscape by a cultural group. Buddhist and hindu temples, as well as mosques and churches, with their own colourful rituals, are the most readily visible features of the cultural landscape. Folk cultures are found in small, homogeneous groups. Where folk and popular cultures originate and diffuse 2. For instance folk dance is highly popular in estonia and it has evolved into a sort of a national sport. Culture of tonga history, people, women, beliefs, food. Juran began writing about his model in the 1950s and every decade or so would update it in his popular book, the. Because the physical landscape varies across space, and because culture varies across space, then the cultural landscape is variable as well. Innumerable distinctive folk cultures were already in the americas when the europeans arrived. Where do folk and popular cultures originate and diffuse. The amish communities in pennsylvania are a group of christian church fellowships with swiss anabaptist origins.

C 4 points 2 points each for discussing how the impact on the cultural landscape is different for folk and popular culture. Read the article pop culture and negative environmental impact and provide examples for your tchart. Popular culture is often transmitted by mass media such as books, films, television, large public gatherings rock. Where do folk and pop cultures originate and diffuse. The book outlines how the theoretical ideas, empirical foci and methodological techniques of cultural geography illuminate. About cultural landscapes the cultural landscape foundation. Understand where leisure and recreational elements of folk culture and popular culture are distributed and why they have different distributions major factor will be media impact, analyze the distribution of pop and folk culture. Today, the culture of japan stands as one of the leading and most prominent cultures around the. They are known for simple living, plain dress and reluctant to adopt convenience of modern technology. How does folk and popular culture diminish the cultural landscape. For centuries they exercised political and cultural influence over several neighboring islands. Folk culture, pop culture, indigenous culture ap human geography this video goes over. Two necessities of daily lifefood and shelterdemonstrate the influence. Popular culture tends to overwhelm and destroy folk cultures.

Few people built log cabins from local timber during the past 50 years, but plenty of ranchstyle or splitlevel houses were constructed. A bit expensive buti didnt resell because it is one i will peruse and reference over and over. The changing cultural landscape social sci libretexts. Choose from 500 different sets of chapter 4 folk popular culture geography cultural landscape flashcards on quizlet. Environmental impact of cultural attitudes and practices chapter 4 key issues 2 and 4. This article explores the history of the idea of cultural landscapes, focusing on.

Folk customs originate in the distant past and change slowly over time. Unequal spatial impacts of the severe recession 441. A cultural landscape can be associated with a person or event. The marginalization of folk culture in the capitalistic public sector is particularly evident during fiscally difficult times, despite the appeal made that funding of folk cultural programming benefits ethnic, aging, rural, and workingclass communities hard hit. Folk culture provides sources for popular culture to draw constantly changing ideas. A folk culture is a small, selfreliant community that is technologically simple and traditional in nature. Architecture, economic activities, clothing and entertainment are all visible to anyone interested in looking at a place. Pages 108115 always keep your key term packet out whenever you take notes from rubenstein. Folk culture and geography geography oxford bibliographies. Because of this, folk culture is stable through time, but highly variable across space. Folk culture is especially interesting to geographers because its.

Folk and popular culture and the cultural landscape c2 3. Sage reference folk culture and geography sage knowledge. Combination of local physical and cultural factors influence distinctive. In europe the amish did not develop distinctive language, clothing, or farming practices and gradually merged with various mennonite church groups. Places of folk culture arent the only places that are changing. Geographers realize that local cultures will interpret, choose, and reshape the influx of popular culture. When popular culture displaces or replaces local culture, it will usually be met with resistance. A case study on coca colas cultural issues in india. Introduction to human geography, 9e rubenstein chapter 4 folk and popular culture 1 the frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of a group of people is a a custom. Instead, geographers sought the authentic culture of small isolated groups.

Understand the differences between popular and local folk cultures, and how each are sustained and diffused recognize popular and local culture within the cultural landscape describe the impact of globalization and technology on culture, and the implications thereof esp. Some groups of sami practice reindeer nomadism and range across northern sweden and finland. Folk culture amish customs illustrate how relocation diffusion distributes folk culture. Culture is the agent, the natural area the medium, the cultural landscape is the result. Popular culture is generally recognized by members of a society as a set of the practices. Thought in this way as emergent and freely adaptable vernacular culture, folk culture can be urban or rural and can combine cultural elements from different places, from traditional and commercial and from past and present cultural practices. Waves of people from folk cultures arrived for decades, and they changed the larger culture of the united states. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Amish folk culture remains visible on the landscape in at least 17 states. The indians have been left out from the social strata of the country. Ap human geography outline springfield public schools. People turned on their tv sets and watched what the government wanted them to see. Food habits are strongly placed in the environment.

Popular culture loses sources to draw ideas from as it. Places and traces offers a broadbased overview of cultural geography, ideal for students being introduced to the discipline through either undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses. Folk and popular culture monarch high school ap human. Jennifer shanker carmen monge culture culture is a combination of. Landscapes dominated by a collection of folk customs change. Where are folk and popular leisure activities distributed. It can be a grand estate, industrial site, park, garden, cemetery, campus, and more. The culture of japan has changed greatly over the millennia, from the countrys prehistoric. Since the creation of the ministry of culture in 1976, this role has expanded to include a network of professional and amateur cultural organizations throughout the country. Threat to folk culture environmental impact of popular culture the international diffusion of popular culture has led to two issues, both of which can be understood from geo. With the rise of the new cultural geography under the influence of. Collectively, cultural landscapes are works of art, narratives of culture, and expressions of regional identity. Section 3 popular culture guided answers building a culture of excellence webinar series part 3 the juran model dr.

How can local and popular cultures be seen in the cultural landscape. Learn chapter 4 folk popular culture geography cultural landscape with free interactive flashcards. Religion pervades many aspects of life and constitutes a basic element of this diversity. Values material artifacts political institutions why is popular culture widely distributed. Folk is ultimately tied to an original landscape geographic location as well. Two elements of folk culture in my life is the traditional german folk songs, called volkslieder, which my grandmother always listen to. Local culture, popular culture, and cultural landscapes.

However, it does not reflect the ethnicity of the country. Each chapter of the instructor resource manual opens. Popular and folk culture chapter 4 key issues 1, 2, 3, and 4. Ap human geography chapter 4 test flashcards quizlet. Cultures role in environmental change the guardian. How are folk culture and popular culture established. Pdf historical cultural landscape terminological and theoretical aspects. The adverse environmental impact of popular culture is further examined in chapter 14. Diffusion of folk and popular culture folk culture diffuses slowly, primarily through migration, and at a small scale. Many remnants of the earlier material folk culture still can be found in the landscape. B 4 points 2 points each for discussing how diffusion is different for folk and popular culture. Conceptions of folk culture not only inform longstanding themes of landscape, region, and place within.

The way that we use the local resources generates the visible landscape. Culture of tonga history, people, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social, marriage toz. It looks at the subject through migration patterns, folk and popular culture, languages, religion and. Culture of norway history, people, clothing, traditions. It is likely to be derived from physical conditions. The rapid diffusion of popular culture can cause consumers to lose track of the hearth of a good or idea. All of the above are examples of folk cultural landscape in the united states. The internet serves as metaphor through which wider social and cultural anxieties are communicated. How internet and social media are changing culture aspen. As the terms come up in the text, think through the significance of the term. Folk and pop culture c2the course teaches the use of spatial concepts and landscape analysis to examine human organization of space. The united states is huge laboratory of cultural interchange. Which is an example of a folk cultural landscape in the. Culture of norway history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family nosa.

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