Audible can't return a book

Getting a refund for a book you accidentally purchased. A benefit of audible membership allows you to exchange your audiobook if you are unsatisfied for any reason. How to return a book on audible audiobook explorers. Amazons return policies page is very clear books you purchase from the kindle store are eligible for return. As long as you purchased it in the last 12 months, and claim you were unsatisfied with the book, you can return it to receive credit on your audible. Audible is a subscription service, however some content may be heavily discounted or free for members. If amazon thinks youre abusing the returns policy, youll be unable to return books. Find the audiobook you would like to exchange and click return underneath the cover art. Many people believe that they cant do anything to protect their privacy online, but. Members who are not fully satisfied with an audible audiobook they purchased may return or exchange that specific title for a different title within 365 days of the. Weve all taken it somewhat for granted that a digital book cant be returned. How to return a kindle book you accidentally purchased. An audible membership is separate from a prime membership. Members receive credits each month or year that can be used to purchase any audiobook on the site regardless of price.

Audible s returns policy is designed so that you feel comfortable trying a random audiobook or different narrator. I have returned a total of 49 audible books which is 3. In order to return a book on audible, you have to do so on the desktop app. Find the order that contains the book you want to return, click return. A stepbystep guide for how to return a book on audible. Audibles return policy says that if youre unhappy with your book, you can return or exchange it as long as its within 365 days of the original. I buy a lot of audiobooks and return about a quarter of them regularly. I think audibles works on the honor system to a great extent. The audible model is the same reason i dropped the scifi book of the month club a couple decades ago. Audible is going to have a much greater hassle justifying 10 returns you made after two chapters than me returning one book a quarter or more into it in my opinion. Click account details desktop or my account mobile. Simple ways to return or exchange a book on audible.

Finally, after you return a book you will no longer be able to download it through any audible applications, however, in any instances where that audiobook is downloaded it will not be. You can make returns from the purchase history page on the audible desktop site. Select a reason for your return in the dropdown menu. This gives you plenty of time, but you still cant return a book. Ive never been questioned about my returns but then ive been a regular audible. Audible s return policy allows active members to take a chance on a new book without losing a credit or money. After the credit didnt show up and after several more tries with the same result i called customer service and was told that you can only return 2 book every six months without having to calling them first you cant just click for a return. How do i return a kindle prime book that i just finished reading. However, if you dont have access to a computer you can still do it from your smartphone. You can also only return books within 12 months of purchase.

Heres how to return a book on audible so you can pick something better instead. Many, many people do it and thats why stores are really hesitant to return. A stepbystep guide for how to return a book on audible book riot. Without being able to see a physical copy, its sometimes hard to tell, and since pricing is all over the place you cant. How do i return a kindle prime book that i just finished. Their app seems to become slower for every new book i add to my library and no improvements have been done to it for years. This is the tutorial on how to get your free pdf that comes with the audible version of our books. You can return a book even if youve listened to it. How to return audible book for free audible credit. So long you are not obviously abusing the audible return. Im looking to maybe sign up for a subscription will i be able to return books often. The best audible tips and tricks you might not know about. How to get a refund for an accidental kindle book purchase. You still only get one free credit every time your subscription renews, but if six books a year is enough.

Its not so that you can use a single credit to listen to ten books. If you are not fully satisfied with your listening experience, you can exchange your title for any other title in our catalogue, or return your book for a full refund within. How to get the accompanying pdf from audible lingo mastery. Its one of the best audible tips that you can make good use of. Once youre logged into your account, head to the account details page.

Have you ever wondered how to return a book on audible. Another notable feature is that not all books are drm protected, like in case of audible. Answered by a verified electronics technician we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. First of all, you cant return a book within the audible app. In instances where we find the benefit is being overused, audible reserves the right in its sole discretion to limit the number of exchanges and refunds allowed by. Audible allows you to return any bought book, if you dont like it. If amazon thinks youre abusing the returns policy, youll be unable to return books, customer care will contact you, and your account may be suspended. It actually is possible to return a book on audible, though audible uses its discretion to make the decision about whether you can return it or not. So when can you get a refund for an accidental purchase.

You must return the book within 365 days of purchasing it. This audiobook is not endorsed by or affiliated with amazon or audible. I very often purchase kindle books on my kindle app or my beloved paperwhite. Audible customers can return only a set number of books, so make sure you use this process sparingly. If the book was bought more than a year ago they may or may not let you return it, but youll never know unless you try.

Not liking the book, specially if you have a track record of finishing every book you buy, is much less egregious than using the great listen guarantee as. I love love love audible, as you likely know if youve been around. The app is easy to use and allows me to purchase a book as soon as something peaks my interest. Audible also requires that you return books within 365 days of purchasing them. How to cancel audible or how to threaten it to get free. Audibles new return policy is awesome opening books to. The only problem is, the official method to return a book on audible requires you to use a computer. Audible started out as a customer friendly company with great prices and no bs return policies but with the introduction of two monthly free audible. Audiobooks is a strong audible alternative, with a collection of more than 85000 titles audible has more than 200,000 audiobooks and have apps available for both ios and android platform. Hover over your name at the top of the page desktop or tap menu mobile. Because of this guarantee, im not researching too much before buying any book, knowing that i can return it if i dont like it.

How many times can you return a book on audible to get. You should find this by hovering over hi, your name at the top of the page and selecting account details from the dropdown menu. You will be refunded in the same way you bought it. Books can be purchased outright through amazons audible at a 30% discount, but the program is designed to function primarily as a subscription service. Audible, the largest producer of spoken content, is launching a captions feature that will let readalong to engage your ears, eyes and minds. How many books can typically be returned each year using audibles great. A benefit of audible membership allows you to exchange your audiobook if. They say that its dependent upon a number of factors, making it different case by case.

So long you are not obviously abusing the audible return policy there should be no problem. Youre about to discover the numberone secret to using kindle. If a book you purchased indicates not eligible to return which usually means you have returned more than 2 books in the last year, either return in by calling audible customer service or by using the chat feature. Cancel an accidental book order within fourteen days. If you have downloaded anything from amazon or audible you, in theory, can copy it to your computer and then return it, get your money back, and have a copy of it for free. In the popup window, choose the reason for return, then select return for refund. First, you need to use the desktop site, since you cant make returns. Approved refunds are credited to the original payment source within three to five days.

How to rent books with audible as many of you know, you can buy audiobooks from audible, but not all of you know then you can also rent books from audible, although audible does not call it renting and. Thankfully, the audible return policy allows the user to return any book they didnt like or bought by mistake. Accidentally purchased content on fire tablet if you accidentally purchased digital content from amazon on your kindle fire, you may be eligible to return the item. Top 10 audible alternatives that are cheaper than audible.

How many books can typically be returned each year using. Listen anytime, anywhere to an unmatched selection of audiobooks, original premium podcasts, and more at audible. Audible offers more than 34,000 hours of spoken word content books, periodicals, and radio shows that you can download and enjoy immediately. By the way, if you dont have an audible account yet you have the opportunity to get our book for free with audible. You cannot return a book on the mobile site or app. With all of the drm issues and the digitization of books, making returns is harder than ever. For the full instructions on how to return an audiobook, please visit.

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