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It is expected that the proposed entry points will benefit adbs developing member countries. We look forward to ongoing conversations on how we are managing climate risks to our. Nanki kaur is a principal researcher in the climate change group at iied. Ethiopia has therefore initiated the climate resilient green economy crge initiative to protect the country from the adverse effects of climate change and to build a green economy that will help realise its ambition of reaching middleincome status before 2025. Soledad aguilar, national director of climate change argentina, lucas di. Pdf climate change alters different localities on the planet in different ways.

Building resilience to climate change making the case for ecosystembased adaptation. Climate resilience is the capacity of a system to absorb the stresses imposed by climate variability and climate change. We heard that you want to know more about the framework we use to think about climate change in relation to our industry, and specifically in relation to our business. The climate has already changed and changes will continue to occur. Improving climate resilience involves assessing how climate change will create new, or alter current, climaterelated risks, and taking steps to better cope with these risks. In 2010, semarang developed a city resilience strategy8 in response to the need to adapt to climate change. Under a changing climate, adaptation will sometimes. Key discussion items and solutions are summarized below, and the full agenda is available online at. Pdf global adaptation and resilience to climate change. Submission by the food and agriculture organization of the. Green infrastructure often will be the preferred option under new policies such as riskinformed investments, that require new infrastructure to demonstrate that it is resilient to climate change. Oct 18, 2018 this short document a joint work of care sierra leone and cares climate change and resilience platform is an illustration of the responses given to the care resilience marker vetting form for the hiv and aids prevention programme and women empowerment happ iv project.

Building resilience to climate change through sustainable forest management susan braatz, fao, forestry department. We examine peoples livelihoods through a particular climate change lens, taking social and gender. Need to compile a climate vulnerability assessment or adaptation plan. Climate change resilience for sustainable development. Building resilience for adaptation to climate change in the agriculture sector. Session summaries many speakers at the resilience summit highlighted how climate resilient development and informed decisionmaking can support economically vibrant cities and healthy, equitable communities.

Climate change resilience report 2017 forward looking statements the information contained in this report is based on assumptions and contingencies which are subject to change without notice and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which are beyond the control of oil search limited. National climate resilience and adaptation strategy. Links between sustainable development and climate change. Chapter i climate change resilience for sustainable. The agenda builds upon the robust climate change adaptation work already accomplished by federal agencies and identifies significant actions moving forward. The following are some key research questions to consider in this regard. The impact on each region depends mainly on the degree of.

Public health and climate change risks and resilience. Recognition that climate change could have negative consequences for agricultural production has generated a desire to build resilience into agricultural systems. Dave steinbach is a researcher in the climate change group at iied. Resilient people, agriculture, and environment 26 10. This short document a joint work of care sierra leone and cares climate change and resilience platform is an illustration of the responses given to the care resilience marker vetting form for the hiv and aids prevention programme and women empowerment happ iv project. The overall health effects of a changing climate are likely to be overwhelmingly negative in the heat wave of summer 2003 in europe for example, resulted in more than 70 000 excess deaths. Projected increases in carbon dioxide and temperature over the next 50 years exceed the conditions under which coral reefs have flourished over the past halfmillion years. Urban climate change resilience the concept of resilience has been useful in addressing climate risk and unexpected events, and in enhancing eff orts to survive and thrive in the context of climate change. Cares climate change and resilience platform ccrp leads and coordinates the integration of climate change and resilience across cares development and humanitarian work. Investments in the crp focus on the gbp category of climate change adaptation. Climate related shocks and reducing fiscal deficits 9 6. Department of energy doe response to executive order eo 653, preparing the united states for the impacts of climate change november 20, which instructs agencies to. Development and application of a resilience framework to climate. We have analyzed the recommendations issued by the financial stability boards task force on climaterelated financial disclosures and have developed this report with the aim of aligning our.

Reducing uncertainty by improving the information base, and devising innovative schemes for insuring against climate change hazards will both be important for successful adaptation. Our climate change resiliency plan proactive upgrades and stateofthe art solutions make our energy grid more resilient to higher temperatures, rising sea levels, and extreme weather. Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances related to climate. It should be read in conjunction with iemas 2010 publication, iema principles series climate change adaptation in eia, and the broader components of the related iema principles series climate change mitigation in eia, which establish the role of eia. The 2016 paris agreement aims to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees celsius above preindustrial levels. The idea of rebuilding when necessary is a vital aspect of resilience in the context of climate change. Pdf climate change, human impacts, and the resilience of. Assess the risks of potential impacts of climate change on operations, planning, and physical assets. This article explains the meaning of climate resilience and how it needs to be inclusive of communities most vulnerable to climate change. Contributions to resilience through climate change responses. This book outlines the impact of climate change in four developing country regions.

Building resilience climate change increases risk, particularly for those who rely on weather patterns, agriculture, water, and other natural resources for their livelihoods. Climate resilience can be generally defined as the capacity for a socioecological system to. The ccrp aims to support and strengthen the ability of care to increase resilience and to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change. Further, it establishes an interagency council on climate resilience to develop a statewide climate change resilience strategy to promote the longterm mitigation, adaptation and resilience of new jerseys economy, communities, infrastructure and natural resources. Njdep climate change climate change resilience strategy. Mainstream climate change and smart growth into comprehensive, master, capital improvement, and hazard mitigation plans. Kering and bsr tackle resilience to climate change for. Given the contextspecific nature of climate adaptation, the measures used to achieve this will vary widely. These costs will likely rise due to climate change. Manage risk, build the resilience of the worlds poorest people, and enhance the ecosys tem functions upon which those people depend. Understanding climate resilience ask a meeting of 50 climate change specialists what they mean by resilience and youre likely to get 50 different answers.

Support was provided through a series of communitybased training programs, focusing on agriculture, food security, livelihoods, and water resource management. Adaptive management can be a particularly valuable tool for devising strategies that respond. The process involves collection of information through secondary research, as well as participatory. The deerfield river watershed vulnerability assessment is evaluating the vulnerability to climate change of roadstream crossings within the deerfield river watershed. Resilience in agriculture through crop diversification. Our catalog of more than 200 digital tools can help you take steps to build resilience, from engaging a community to developing a climate action plan. The accelerating impacts of climate change, and the need to avoid much larger impacts in the future, bring urgency to scaling up action on adaptation and resilience. While there is wide scholarly agreement that anthropogenic climate change has serious global implications, more debate exists around whether discourses of adaptation and resilience. Building resilience to climate change root crop and fishery production.

Climate change resilience world economic and social survey. The world bank group wbg is making adaptation and resilience a key priority of its 2025 climate change targets that will elevate adaptation to an equal. He works on public policy responses to climate change focusing on climate resilience, financing lowcarbon resilient development, and local livelihood transitions. Designate less vulnerable areas and encourage development there. Resilience underscores the specific impacts of climate change for individual communities. Climate vulnerability and capacity analysis handbook. Africa, asia, latin america and small island developing states. Climate change vulnerability assessment and resilience. It does this by providing institutional support to the national climate change programs and by strengthening climate information. Building institutional resilience in the context of. It requires knowledge of vulnerabilities and capacities to adapt to climate change and build resilience to disasters. In a continuous effort towards a stronger new jersey, governor phil murphy signed executive order no.

National climate resilience and adaptation strategy unfccc. Ea finds a growing base of business in coastal resilience. Enhancing urban climate change resilience seven entry points for action this working paper synthesizes existing knowledge on urban climate change resilience to identify seven entry points for actions. Crop diversification can improve resilience in a variety of ways. The world bank group wbg is making adaptation and resilience a key priority of its 2025 climate change. The first is strategic nationallevel program support designed to strengthen the national institutional and financial framework for climate resilience in zambia. The study used an integrated approach to achieve these goals, as shown in. Income and perceived risk from climate change environmental resilience institute hoosier life survey % that expect climate change will personally harm them a great deal. The federal government makes ad hoc investments but does not have. This definition of climate resilience focuses on the process used and outcomes achieved to assess whether climate change impacts have been considered and, if necessary, managed. Drawing on the expertise and capabilities of our operating companiesmarsh, guy carpenter, mercer and oliver wyman these articles provide our collective insights on three distinct areas of action. Firstly, there are deep uncertainties on the speed and sometimes direction of climate changes, especially at local scales. Pdf this book was written in hopes of providing a source of information for people who are looking to curb climate change outcomes.

United nations framework convention on climate change. Climate resilience principles for the climate bonds standard. A perspective for investors, published in march 2017. The 17 opportunities are grouped into three themes. The building of adaptation coalitions in this area has led to the mobilization of local resources, increased so. Communities are responding to the threat of storms and floods by better managing stormwater runoff from new development and encouraging growth in alreadydeveloped areas. Climate resilience should be mainstreamed into everyday decision making.

This document, the priority agenda for enhancing the climate resilience of americas natural resources, is the result of this deliberation. Resilience is a complex concept and has to be analysed in light. Despite a consensus that pics will be disproportionately impacted by climate change, assessing the future cost of climate change impacts in the pacific region is challenging. Climate change and major projects european commission. Economic and production issues creating decent on and offfarm employment in agriculture and in the local nonfarm economy using greener. Review a portfolio of operational, planning, and design measures, considering costs and benefits, to improve resilience to climate change. Building institutional resilience in the context of climate change in aurora, philippines author links open overlay panel liezl b. Environmental colonialism, digital indigeneity, and the.

As noted by the intergovernmental panel on climate change s special report. In 2019, ebrd introduced climate resilience bonds crb underpinned by a climate resilience portfolio crp of assets that are consistent with the cbis climate resilience principles. Climate change resilience strategy through executive order no. The assessment includes analyses of hydraulic and geomorphic failure risks under current and future climate conditions. We are leading the development of climate resilience by finding innovative solutions and sources of investment. Climate change and major projects outline of the climate change related requirements and guidance for major projects in the 20142020 programming period ensuring resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases climate action. Desertification and the role of climate change resilience.

By presenting evidence of trends in extreme weather and the different ways resilience can be built to it, we hope this report will galvanise action by local and national governments, the international community, scientific bodies, the private sector, and affected communities. Strengthening the enabling environment for climateresilient infrastructure. Climate resilience portal center for climate and energy. Climate resilience principles climate bonds initiative. Kering and bsr tackle resilience to climate change for luxury fashion kering, the luxury group, and bsr business for social responsibility, the global nonprofit business network and consultancy dedicated to sustainability, published a pivotal report on climate change for the fashion industry today. A receptor or project that has poor climate change resilience will lose much of its original function or form as the climate changes. Investing in climate resilience projects to help communities prepare for hazards such as sea level rise could reduce future costs. One rational and costeffective method may be the implementation of increased agricultural crop diversification. A framework for decision making, published in march 2018. The diversity, frequency, and scale of human impacts on coral reefs are increasing to the extent that reefs are threatened globally. Integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation for sustainable risk. Opportunities to enhance the nations resilience to. Gendersensitive resilience and adaptation measures andor strategies to adverse effects of climate change and variability on forests, trees outside forests and people who depend on them. Efforts to build resilience to climate impacts from more frequent droughts and stronger storms, to creeping sealevel rise and failed harvests aim to ensure families, communities and governments can manage and bounce back from them, the report says.

Climate change planning represents an opportunity for the magic region to build this necessary community resilience through adaptation and mitigation strategies. Building resilience for adaptation to climate change in. In response to the serious and urgent threat of climate change, city council directed staff to create an ambitious and progressive climate action plan. Indicators of social resilience to climate change annotated bibliography 1 authors note general approach i approached this work from both the bottom up and top down, looking at influential literature from social psychology and sociology on the health benefits of social support and social networks i. Smart growth fixes for climate adaptation and resilience. Resilience breaks the mammoth of climate change into locally manageable tasks such as reducing increased flood risk due to sealevel rise or preparing agricultural markets for longer droughts due to higher temperatures.

A framework for decision making represents the next step in our ongoing dialogue. Tackling climate change, building climate and disaster resilience, and enhancing environmental sustainability, 20192024 tackling climate change, building climate and disaster resilience, and enhancing environmental sustainability is one of seven operational priorities of the asian development bank adb under its strategy 2030. We collaborated with columbia universitys lamont doherty earth observatory to conduct a sweeping, multiyear study to evaluate our presentday infrastructure. As the interface between aviation and ground transport, airports have a key role to play in climate change. Climate change as a business risk and an opportunity building resilience to the physical impacts of climate change and extreme weather events is vital for the longterm sustainable growth of a business. Enabling climate change adaptation in nsw, suzanne dunford, nsw office of environment and heritage pdf, 510kb. Workshops were held to share project learnings from completed building resilience to climate change projects. Smart growth fixes for climate adaptation and resilience adapting to flooding and extreme precipitation 30. Climate change belongs to the public health debate who considers climate change the defining issue for the 21st century. Research fellowships on assessment of gender responsive. This plan will build on the citys rich existing environmental initiatives to help alameda develop into a sustainable and thriving city that is resilient to the adverse effects of climate change. Recognize the relationships between environment, development, and climate change, and manage synergies and. They are complementary to one another and, collectively, will help build climate resilience. Chapter i climate change resilience for sustainable development.

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