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The message also known as mohammad messenger of god, is an epic in the true sense of the word, it took. The depiction of islamic prophet muhammad in film as with other visual depictions is a controversial topic both within and outside of islam. D in the town of kufa to avenge the martyrdom of hussain grandson of islamic prophet muhammad. The film is set in the sixth century where the story revolves around the childhood of the islamic prophet muhammad. Digitally mastered color english dubbed 1800 minutes.

Iranian film on prophet mohammad stirs calls for tehran to ban it. We hope the qatari team will make a correct interpretation of islam, and they. Origin tale of the prophet muhammad likely to be irans candidate for foreign. Iranian film on prophet muhammad set for premiere world. This film depicts the pagan age with all its tyranny and oppression as seen through the eyes of muhammad from birth to the age of. It looks like qatar is trying to oneup irans latest mohammed film with its own. The message 1976, the classic film on the life of the last prophet muhammad. Muhammad biopic director calls for more movies about the prophets life. Lun des grands cineastes iraniens, majid majidi, a realise mahomet, une super production sur lenfance du prophete pour en finir avec. The film marks the biggestbudget production in iranian cinema to date.

According to islamic doctrine, he was a prophet, sent to preach and confirm the monotheistic teaching preceded by adam, abraham, moses, jesus, and other prophets. The iranian film being widely criticised for portraying prophet. Aishwarya rai bachchan learning arabic to dub her own voice in jazbaa. The messenger of god iran, 2015 based on the early life of. The messenger of god is a 2015 iranian islamic epic film directed. Sareh bayat in mohammad rasoolollah 2015 baharak salehniya in. Battle of empire fetih 1453 hd hindi dubbing duration. Muhammad upsets sunni muslim world, scores at box office. The iranian film being widely criticised for portraying. Iranian movies message story of islam dvd in english. The movie was released in 2004 and it was screened in a limited number of movietheatres in the united states and the united kingdom. Egypts alazhar, the most prestigious institute of sunni islam, is not satisfied with such precautions and has called on iran to ban the film. First in a trilogy of films about the life of prophet muhammad s directed by majid majidi and produced in the islamic republic of iran.

Le film mahomet, succes populaire en iran, chahute a montreal. Mahomet, le film iranien sur le prophete qui irrite larabie saoudite. The biggest budget movie in the history of iranian cinema is about the holiest figure in islam. There is a split on this issue between the two major. This led him to the idea of making a film on prophet muhammad. Mukhtar thaqafi was a shiite muslim leader who sets up a rebellion movement in 686 a. The quran does not explicitly forbid images of muhammad, but there are a few hadith supplemental teachings which have explicitly prohibited muslims from creating visual depictions of figures. Mohammad rasulollah is a 2015 iranian islamic epic film directed by majid majidi and cowritten with kambuzia partovi. Majid majidis 5th film to be officially submitted to the academy by iran which is a. He is viewed as the final prophet of god in all the main branches of.

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